Course in Nature Cure

Course in healthy living and self-healing

Whether you are a beginner or have already started to live according to natural health principles, in this course you may be able to acquire knowledge that you can use for the benefit of your health for the rest of your life.

The course is based on the philosophy of Nature Cure. Nature Cure is the teachings about the life process and the basic conditions that are necessary for a life in health and how to regain health in a natural way, without the use of medicines. Nature Cure teaches that the body is self-healing, self-regenerating and that health is the normal, natural state of the body and mind.

The state of health is a result of lifestyle, the environment we live in, mental and social conditions and heredity.

The aim of the course is to give you knowledge to enable you to live a life in good health without the use of medicines.

The course will deal with the most important subjects concerning health such as the basic conditions for health, the causes of disease, natural raw foods and a balanced natural diet, exercise, etc. It may also include yoga, spinal exercise and wild food walks. Knowledge of Nature Cure is a powerful tool for those who wish to maintain or regain health or help others to health.

Nature Cure is based on the teachings of Vincent Priessnitz, founder of Nature Cure and Dr John Tilden, professor Edmond B. Szekely and legendary Australian Nature Cure practitioner Kenneth S. Jaffrey and others.

A course depending on length may include the following subjects:

  • The philosophy, history and practical applications of Nature Cure
  • Causes of disease and causes of health
  • Mental health and positive thinking
  • Nerve energy and circulation
  • Tooth and jaw bone problems and their connection with disease and how to avoid them
  • Natural foods, the acid-alkaline balance, how to balance the diet for maximum nutritional benefit
  • Exercise
  • Edible wild foods, theory and wild food walk
  • Hydrotherapy (water treatments)
  • Fever – Nature’s own healing process, the Healing Cycle
  • Principles for treating acute and chronic disease
  • The “secret” of Healing
  • Rhythmic cycles of health
  • The environment and its influence on us
  • Simple ways to improve health
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