The word Naprapathy (pronounced “nuh-PRAH-puh-thee”) is formed from the Czech word “napravit” meaning “to correct” and the Greek suffix “pathos” meaning suffering. Thus Naprapathy means “to correct or fix suffering”. It is a system of manually applied movements, both passive and active, designed to bring motion with consequent release of tension into abnormally tense and rigid structures of the body.

Naprapathy is based on the theory that interference to nerves, blood and lymph vessels can be caused by scar tissue in muscles and ligaments, occurring as a result of accident or toxic accumulation. This causes bodily dysfunction which Naprapathy calls “secondary pathology”.

Naprapathy was developed over 100 years ago in the USA by Dr. Oakley Smith. Dr. Smith was a student of D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic. He worked for many years with hundreds of patients to research the role of connective tissue damage in the body. Through scientific consideration he developed a specific method of testing and a new approach to treatment. He perfected a specific technique of manual stretching aimed at correcting connective tissue damage. This treatment helps to re-establish full nerve force and free blood and lymph flow thereby restoring the function of muscles and internal organs. The research of Dr. Smith is the foundation of Naprapathy.

Naprapathy claims that scar tissue and its contractions will yield with naprapathic treatment and having yielded will stay yielded and stretched. Naprapathic treatment is also aimed at creating a correct posture and symmetrical body.

Health is a normal, natural state that everyone should enjoy. The state of health is dependent upon being in balance structurally, biochemically and mentally. This means that disease can only occur when:

  • The body is structurally out of place which may be the result of injury, overwork or bad posture.
  • The biochemistry is out of balance because of accumulated toxins due to dietary indiscretions, the taking of drugs, alcohol, lack of circulation, exposure to chemicals etc.
  • The mental attitude is unbalanced as a result of mental trauma, shock, stress or due to unsatisfactory relationships with others and lack of communication resulting in anxiety, fear and emotional conflict.

Imbalance in any of the three systems may directly or indirectly cause scar tissue.

The science of Naprapathy is predicated on the assumption that the human body, like all other organisms, is self-healing and self-regenerating. It will therefore normally restore itself to health under the right conditions. Biological processes are totally responsible for this.

When someone is ill or in pain there is always a cause of it. A Naprapath must aim to find the cause (or causes) of pain and disease and then remove it (or them). With manual treatment aimed to re-create structural balance, the innate healing process can be considerably speeded up body and pains will subside.

Pain is caused by pressure. Pain is a warning signal of impending danger. The best approach to remove pain is to attend to the causes and not merely treating symptoms.

Although first developed in USA, Naprapathy is now better known in Sweden where Naprapaths work in private clinics, fitness centres, health and convalescent centres and for industries and companies.

Naprapathy has also gained recognition in the field of sports medicine. Sport clubs often have a Naprapath employed to treat and prevent injuries. Many Naprapaths also work in conjunction with a medical doctor. Doctors of Naprapathy are registered practitioners in Sweden, Finland and some states in USA.

The Swedish Naprapathic College receives students from many European countries. After four years of study of all aspects of Naprapathy including physiology, anatomy, pathology, neurology, geriatrics, orthopaedics, psychology, desmology (ligaments), chartology – the specific naprapathic diagnostic method, sport’s medicine and many other subjects the student earns the degree Doctor of Naprapathy or D.N.

Naprapaths have successfully treated different types of problems for over 100 years using their own unique diagnostic and corrective methods.

Naprapathy goes to the CAUSE of the problem, by DISPERSING SCAR TISSUE. This explain why permanent relief sometimes can be obtained in a few treatments even if the problem is many years old and the patient has been told that there is nothing that can be done when medicines and various treatments have failed to relive.

A few examples of conditions that have responded successfully to naprapathic treatment are: spinal and muscular problems, sciatic pain, sports injuries, bursitis, numbness, pins and needles, migraine, headache, circulatory problems, arthritis and rheumatic diseases, jaw joint problems, digestive disorders, pains in shoulders, arms, hands, legs, knees and feet.