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Maintain & Regain Health in a Natural Way with Nature Cure

Nature Cure teaches about the life processes and basic conditions that are necessary for a life of good health and how to regain health in a natural way without the use of medicines. It explains how the body is self-healing and self-regenerating. The power to heal lies within.

Nature Cure is based on the teachings of the founder, Vincent Priessnitz, and others such as Louis Kuhne, Dr. John Tilden, Dr. Henry Lindlahr, Professor Edmond Szekely and the legendary Australian Nature Cure practitioner Kenneth Jaffrey.

Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi was a Nature Curist? You can read about this in the history of Nature Cure. Other topics include: the basic requirements for health, the causes of disease, positive thinking, nerve energy and circulation, the healing power of nature, the healing cycle, natural therapy, diet, exercise, taking a holistic view and looking at the environment.

By Eric Karlsson N.D., D.N. Nature Cure Practitioner / Self-Healing Educator / Naturopath (Australia) and Dr. of Naprapathy (Registered in Sweden).

Let me help and guide you with your health and healing

Nature Cure is the science and art of healthy living and natural healing. It teaches that health is a normal and natural state. Health is our birthright. Health and healing is the outcome when the living conditions are healthsome. Healing takes place as a result of the capability of your body to heal combined with healthy living and favourable living conditions. Disease is most of all the result of unfavourable living conditions and unnatural lifestyle.

Nature Cure practitioners are experts on the lifestyle and environmental factors that favour health and healing. We teach our students to avoid the factors that cause disease and to strive for a lifestyle that is favourable to health and to use natural healing modalities to support the healing processes.

The overall aim with a consultation and tuition is to:

  • Maintain and regain health.
  • Find the causes of disease in order to remove them.
  • Support the self-healing powers with natural lifestyle and therapy.
  • Teach the philosophy of Nature Cure in order to enable each person to take control over her/his health.
  • Enable students to think and act independently.

The natural health discoveries can be mind-blowing. The natural lifestyle favours healing of body and mind. My advice to the one who seek better health is to have an open mind and a willingness to make positive changes.

How to book your consultation and start a healing journey

Step 1. Make contact. Ask any questions you like in a free 15-minute call or email. If you would like to book, you will receive payment instructions and an appointment time.

Step 2. Pay the consultation fee.

Step 3. Be prepared for the appointment on agreed media such as Skype, Zoom or Wire. Or, if possible, a meeting in person.

Step 4. After a few days a second appointment will be made and you will receive your self-healing lifestyle program and can start to take control over your health!

Price: the initial price is €150 for a double consultation (around two hours the first time and one hour the second time) which includes a full lifestyle program and instructions for exercise and self-therapy.

The normal full complementary tuition of four further sessions will give you knowledge of how to avoid the disease causing factors in daily life and to focus on the health-producing factors. The fee for the four sessions are €50 each or €175 prepaid. Alternatively, prepay €300 for a consultation and four tuition sessions. After the study you will qualify for a healthy living certificate.

As the health improvements often come rapidly, the money invested is soon saved through less or no costs for physician’s fees, drugs, medicines, pills and tablets, sweets, coffee etc.

The tuition following the initial consultation includes the following subjects:

    • A brief history of Nature Cure.
    • Nature Cure philosophy including:
      • The causes of disease.
      • The conditions for health and incorporating them into your life.
      • The secrets of healing:
        • Innate healing power – the only power that heals you.
        • Nerve energy.
        • Fundamental principles for treatment of acute and chronic disease.
        • The “lagom” law of health and healing. (Lagom is a Swedish word meaning ‘just right, or not too much and not too little’.)
      • Whole Fresh Food – how to base your diet on fresh fruits and vegetables.
      • The acid–alkaline balance.
      • Healthy teeth and Whole Fresh Food – how to avoid the tooth damage that many raw foodists get from sweet and acid fruits.

PowerPoint presentations/PDFs of the subjects will be received afterwards. Consultations can be made in five languages: English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Follow-ups can be made at any time when in need.

NOTE: Nature Cure is based upon the patient living a healthy lifestyle in order to improve health. No drugs, medicines or pills will be prescribed. If you are willing to improve your lifestyle in the direction of health you are qualified as a patient or student. No other costs are added except for your fee to the bank.