• All health has its causes.
  • Health is a natural and normal state of body and mind.
  • For optimal health we are dependent of the same favourable conditions that produced health in our ancestors.
  • All disease has its causes.
  • Disease is basically the response of mind and body to unfavourable conditions.
  • All healing power is within.
  • We need to live according to natural law in order to live in health.
  • All healing and maintenance of health takes place within as a result of favourable conditions. Body and soul are self-healing.
  • The causes of disease need removing for healing to take place.  Favourable conditions make healing possible. Unfavourable conditions hinder healing and cause disease.
  • The causes of disease are different forms of biochemical, mental and structural imbalance.
  • When someone is in disease it is usually several different causes therefore. All causes should if possible be removed.
  • A patient is not healthy when not feeling well, even if all diagnostic methods fail to indicate pathology. A patient not feeling well shouldn’t be met with the words ”There is nothing wrong with you. All tests are fine.”
  • The main task of Education Centre of Self-Healing and Natural Lifestyle is to find the causes of disease, alleviate pain by natural methods, enable health and healing through therapy and education, motivation and encouragement.
  • The causes of health are:
    1. Applied knowledge.
    2. Movement/exercise.
    3. Alkaline forming diet in balanced proportions.
    4. Rest, sleep and relaxation.
    5. Natural radiation.
    6. Positive thinking and positive doing.
    7. Good relationships and harmony with others.
    8. Structural integrity.
    9. Pure water.
    10. Clean soil.
    11. Clean air.
    12. Nature and ecosystems in balance.
    13. Natural rythms.
    14. Vis Medicatrix Naturae and good genes.

Most of these factors we can influence.

Keyword: BALANCE.