Course in Whole Fresh Food

This course aim to give a basic knowledge how to live on a balanced raw food diet with focus on Whole Fresh Foods. You will learn about which foods that help you maintain or regain health and how to get the different nutrients that you need. Eating plenty of Fresh Food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a way to maintain or regain health. Whether you diet  will be 50 or 100 % Fresh Food you can benefit from this course.

The course includes the following subjects:

  • Fresh, raw and living foods – what it is
  • Transition
  • Detox, cleansing and elimination. Effective methods for healthy results
  • Avoid the pitfalls; addictions; old and new habits.
  • Whole Fresh Food, the acid-alkaline balance, how to balance the diet for maximum nutritional benefit
  • Balance your diet to get all nutrients in the right balance
  • The “Lagom law” of health and nutrition
  • Healthy teeth and raw food
  • Fresh food, science and common sense
  • Edible wild foods
  • Fresh foods vs. superfoods
  • Why you do not need to count calories
  • Myths about food and nutrition
  • Questions and answers

Updated January 25 2015