Each course may have different contents which may depend on wishes by the group but a course generally includes the following subjects:

  • The philosophy, history and practical applications of Nature Cure
  • Causes of disease and causes of health
  • Positive thinking and positive doing
  • Nerve energy and circulation
  • Rest, sleep and relaxation
  • Tooth and jaw bone problems and their connection with disease
  • Exercise
  • Hydrotherapy (water treatments)
  • Whole Fresh Foods
  • Edible Wild Foods
  • Fever – Nature’s own healing process, the Healing Cycle
  • Principles for treating acute and chronic disease
  • The “secret” of Healing
  • Natural rhythm and cosmic influences
  • The environment and its influence on us
  • Simple ways to improve health
  • Yoga/spinal exercise
  • Questions and answers

Courses are based on the philosophy of Nature Cure. The aim of the course is to give you knowledge to enable you to regain and maintain health and help others to health..